The Story

Growing up in Long Beach opened my eyes to the world and the local community.  After going away to college and then coming back and working in corporate america for a few years, I was tired of it.  I knew I wanted to somehow give back to the community that raised me.  When I started tinkering with mobile phone repairs, I was very intrigued.  After starting out as a hobby, I decided to put up an ad and see if there would be a need for mobile phone repair services back in 2010.  And with the huge response I received, I realized that this was my way to give back to the community.  So I opened up shop being the first mobile phone repair business in Long Beach and surrounding areas.

The business has since grown organically with the referrals and return business from the local residents over the years.

"Thank you LONG BEACH for making the business a success!"

By:  Josh Taneja

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